How many glasses can I access with each Coravin Capsule?
Each Coravin Capsule will allow you to access approximately 15, five ounce glasses of wine. Capsule longevity will vary depending on how you use the Coravin System and how often and how much you pressurize each bottle.
My Coravin System does not seem to hold gas very long. What should I do?
Please check that you are tightening the black cup as quickly and firmly onto the unit as it can be so that it is fully tightened. If the cup is not twisted on tightly enough, it may not seal fully, allowing argon gas to escape from the Coravin System.
Why can Coravin, Inc. ship Coravin Capsules, but I can’t?
Coravin has gone through a training process to ensure that we properly label and comply with all shipping regulations to ensure our products to be delivered safely around the world.
What types of corks and closures are best suited for use with the Coravin System?

Bottles closed with natural cork are best, because they will reseal after accessing with the Coravin System. Please keep in mind that a colder cork will take longer to reseal.

While a synthetic cork closure will not damage your Coravin Needle, the closure will not reseal, and thus permit oxidation after some time. If you access a bottle with a synthetic closure, store it upright to ensure that it does not leak.

Screw caps or glass closures are not suitable for use with the Coravin System, as they will cause permanent damage to the Coravin Needle.

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